Do you think you have a cute toddler? Do you think they could win a photo contest? Would you like a FREE photo session? Read on….15-072-813777

I am running a toddler model search / photo contest. Essentially, I am looking for some new images to use in my future marketing and I always love to expand my baby/toddler photography business (they are just so cute to photograph). The whole thing goes like this:

  • You bring your Toddler (ages 16 months – 47 months ) to my home studio located in Pontypool. Located just 20 minutes from Peterborough, Lindsay, Port Perry or Bowmanville. You can check our exact location on the Contact Page.
  • Once here, I will treat you to approximately a 45 minute, stress free photo session with your child.  There is absolutely NO COST to you.
  • All sessions will be photographed on a hi-key white backdrop. You can plan your outfits accordingly 🙂
  • Approximately 1 week after your session, I will have you back to the studio for a viewing session where I will show you 20+ fully finished images from the photo session. You just need to pick out your favourite and you will receive a FREE 8×10 print of it. This image you choose will be your contest entry. There is absolutely NO COST to you! You DO NOT have to purchase a single thing at the viewing, the 8×10 is absolutely free with my thanks!
  • In case you should want more images, additional prints may be purchased at 25% off of our regular pricing at the time of the viewing session. If you choose to order later, prices will revert to normal.
  • On or about Apr 11, 2016 (once all the proofing sessions are completed) I will post an album on our Facebook page ( that will contain everyone’s chosen image.
  • Get your friends & family to “like” your child’s photo on our facebook page. (unless they would rather like someone else’s photo 😉  ) Facebook likes will count for 25% of the total vote. The likes do need to be on the photo on Thoughtful Impressions page post for them to be counted (if there are likes on a  shared photo, I won’t be able to count them). I recommend that you tag yourself in the photo rather than share it on your own timeline as this can sometimes lead to “likes” not showing up.
  • At 9pm on Apr 16th, the Facebook likes will be tallied. Any likes received after this time will not be counted as votes.
  • Images will also be voted on by an independent panel. These votes will count for 75% of the final vote.
  • Winners will be announced on the Facebook page in the afternoon of April 18th, 2016.
  • The 1st place winner will receive a $300 Photo Session Certificate, 2nd place will receive a $100 Certificate and 3rd place each receive a $50 certificate. These certificates can be applied towards prints, canvas gallery wraps, another session, etc. and are good for 90 days from the date of issue.
  • ***Please keep in mind, the number of “likes” a photo gets on Facebook only counts as 25% of the final vote with the other 75% coming from outside Facebook. Just because a photo has more “likes” Facebook does not mean it will be the overall winner. All votes from the panel are based on their own personal judging criteria. It is done this way to make it more fair to those that have less of a “social network” on Facebook. ***

So what’s the catch – there’s always a catch in the fine print right? Here it is: I want to use these images in my future marketing & promotion. What does that mean? Well, quite simply, it means I may use an image of your child as a sample in the studio, as a picture on our business card / brochure or flyer, a sample on my website or maybe some marketing mailing. Your child will not be identified in any way and I won’t sell the images to anyone. Even if you aren’t a top 3 winner, I may still use your child’s photo. You just need to fill out a form giving me permission to use the photos. That’s it!

  • This offer will be limited to no more than 20 toddlers! As I have had several “no-shows” in the past, please do not ask for a session if you are not 100% committed. Someone else misses out (as they could have taken your spot) on a chance to enter if you just decide not to show up.
  • To reserve your spot, just call or TEXT me at 705.772.7702 to book your session. Or you can email me at  to find out available dates or book your session.

I look forward to meeting all of you! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.