Pontypool Softball 2015

Below you will find links to the team proofs. Please select an individual image from the proofs and you will receive, as part of your membership, an 8×10 combination individual & team photo as pictured below. The team photo used will be the “normal” pose similar to the one pictured. (The backwards pose is intended for the sponsors, though you can purchase a print of it if you would like.)

8×10 player & team combo

To select your image, please fill out the form at  the bottom of this page. Proof galleries will remain up until July 4,2015 so please choose before then. Any players who have not picked an image before July 4 will receive one pose of my choosing.

Click the links below to get to the team proofs. Clicking on an image will reveal the image #

If you would like to purchase additional images you are welcome to do so. Please fill out all info on image #’s, size and quantity desired. I will email you an invoice for the additional photos. Additional photos will only be ordered from the lab once invoice is paid. Payment can be made via Email Money Transfer, cash or cheque or Visa/Mastercard payment can be made at 230 Corbett Dr. Pontypool

If you have any questions about the specialty products, please get in touch and I will be happy to provide more info.

“Included” prints will be delivered to the Softball Committee in time for the end of season. Any extra prints or products ordered will be available for pick-up from 230 Corbett Dr Pontypool upon return from the lab.

 Pricing for additional products :

Lab Printed Single Image Photos

  • 5×7’s – $7
  • 8×10’s – $10
  • 11×14’s – $20

8×10 or 11×14 Collage Print

Collage Prints

  •  8×10″ collage print (including up to 3 individual images + team photo) – $25
  •  11×14″ collage print (including up to 3 individual images + team photo) – $35

Magazine Covers

Available as “Sports Illustrates”.

  • 8×10″ – $25
  • 16×20″ – $50

Additional Specialty Products:

Additional Specialty Products: 8×10 player photo, 2-5×7 player photos, pack of 10 gloss player cards (info on back).

Included products are done with the above design using your team colours and any player info you desire where applicable – eg:cards (height, weight, age, position played). Available product includes:

Individual Items:

  • 10 Player Cards (Gloss Heavy stock, 24pt) – $15.00
  • Additional 8×10 Team + Player Collage – $12.00 (one is included with your membership)
  • 1-8×10 + 4- 5×7’s + 4 Wallets of Player – $20.00
  • 3 Wallet size Magnets of Player – $15.00
  • 2 4×6″ Magnets of Player -$18.00