Are you graduating in 2015? Do you love being in photos? Do you love to dress up? Are you confident, outgoing, stylish and responsible? Then I may have an experience that you will enjoy.


I am looking to build a strong high school senior & grad photo portfolio and to get the Thoughtful Impressions Photography name out there. I am looking for several high school models to help with that task. You don’t need any previous modeling experience – just confidence in who you are, and a willingness to share about your experience and photos. These will be varied fashion/glamour style as well as some highlighting any sports or hobbies you enjoy. You will need your parent / guardian’s permission to become a model if you are under 18.


What does it involve?

  • Be a full time grade 12 or 12+ “victory lap” student at a local area school – graduating in 2015. (no more than two reps will be accepted from any one school)
  • Committing to at least 2 separate complimentary photo sessions  – 1 in studio, 1 outdoors. I may have a group session with all the high school senior models depending on everyone’s availability
  • Having a strong sense of style (whatever your style is) and a nicely varied selection of outfits. No need to get new stuff – things from your current wardrobe are fine (unless, of course, you were looking for an excuse to buy new stuff 😉 ). We will want at least 3-5 different looks.
  • A sense of adventure. The outdoor sessions may have you out in fields, standing on rocks in a river, at an old barn…. almost anywhere we can get some really cool, different photos.
  • A signed model release (including permission from parent/guardian if under 18)
  • Understanding that you are essentially acting as a representative of  Thoughtful Impressions Photography at your school. I don’t ask you to do any selling – just share about your experiences and share the awesome photos we create of you.
  • A commitment to sharing the files you receive (without alteration) on various social media outlets.

What do you get?

  • Lots of laughs (at my expense!)
  • Free photo sessions.
  • Free Facebook / social media images
  • Incredible photos at new locations
  • Very special discounts on any prints you want
  • Earn print credits for any referrals that come from you and have a session done
  • A chance to even earn cash with enough referrals
  • Have your photos featured on our website, social media and various marketing material


Does it sound appealing to you?  I am only taking a max of 10 students and no more than 2 from any one school. If this is something you think you would like to do, follow the link below the photos to fill out an application form.

Find the model application form by Clicking Here!