We got up to Burnt River ORV MX Camp for week 3. There were 9 kids attending – but no one felt like riding since it was 36 degrees out!!Confused smile A few of the kids put on a show for us…they wanted some pictures of them hitting the jumps, but over all it was quiet (I think they decided to go swimming in the water hole!)

DSC_0404 I should have the pictures up on the site by tomorrow morning.

Although the track was fairly quite, we were treated to a show from the “apparent boss” of Fenelon Falls baseball diamonds – the local Osprey! She was quite vocal! There was a young one just barely visible in the nest, and the mate was on a nearby tree eating a fish – and didn’t seem to care that we were there.



Our official WagJag deal is done, but there is still time to take advantage of the offer. Just look us up on Google Places and take a look at the offer details. It is available until July 31.