Sports Images

Links to sports images available for purchase are listed below. Images are generally posted 4-7 days following the event. If we are coming to an event and you are after a specific picture, please let us know in person or by email before hand and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Pontypool Softball 2018


General Sports Event Images


Our general sports event image pricing:

(Team photo pricing is listed on your team’s page)

RA-X Magazine Cover

  • 20×16 Poster Print – $65

  • 14×11 Print – $49

  • 10×8 Print – $35

  • 7×5 Print – $20

  • Special “Magazine Covers” available as 10×8  or 20×16 only. Add $10 to print cost  Not available in digital format. For more covers check out our CoverMe Custom Covers page HERE

  • Digital Files via Dropbox Download (Hi Res) –  up to 10 images, 1 subject – $50.


All our prints are done by a professional photo lab.

All prices subject to HST.


Currently, to order images, please note your desired image #’s and email the list to me at along with sizes/quantities. Alternately call or TEXT us at 705-772-7702,  to inform us of your desired sizes & quantities.


Past Events:

2015 Events are archived. Contact us if you need something from 2015.

If you can not find an image of yourself/child, please let us know. We may have something that didn’t get posted. I do my best to make sure I have something from everyone, however, if I don’t have one, I can make a point of it on the next outing.