This is just a cut/paste of my last post on the old blog software…I am liking this WordPress blog.

Ok, I have to remember to update this regularly! Plenty of entries are coming in for the "feet" contest. There’s still time to enter since it’s been extended to May 31st due to mailing list issues (I think they are all solved now!). Don’t miss out on your chance to win this wonderful keepsake!

On another note, I’ve been told that some people may not be aware where Pontypool is. We are about 45 min NE of Scarborough, 20 min from Oshawa, 25 min from Peterborough, 20 min from Lindsay. Just north of the hwy 115/35 split. And I will come to you for portrait sessions if you don’t feel like making the trip, but it is a beautiful countryside – especially now that everything is starting to green up!

I am working on website updates (putting more pricing info on there for you) that should be ready in the next few days.

A Teen/Grad package will be posted shortly too as that time is coming. I can’t believe Katie is graduating gr 8! Where does the time go? Don’t miss the opportunity to get grad pictures done of your gr 8’s or high school seniors! These days go by so quick! (oh, and there may be a contest for them soon…)

Till next time..Darren