This year I have decided to try a photo challenge, just to help inspire creativity and to do some shooting for fun. The one I’ve decided to tackle is a photo a week alternating between Portraits, Landscapes, and Artistic images. I will post them in here each week just for fun… and to help me keep on track with my blog posts this year 🙂

So for week 1 the challenge was a Portrait, but probably the hardest one to do – a self portrait. I don’t mind getting my photo taken by others, but to set the timer and try to pose myself is definitely challenging. I shot about 15 in the set and decided this one was going to be the keeper – I probably would have liked to combine a few together but I think that may be cheating….


For week 2’s challenge I need to capture a landscape photo – something I have always loved to do but haven’t done in a few years…. watch for it next Friday. Feel free to join in if you’d like and post replies with your images here or on instagram where I will also post them @ thoughtful_impressions.