Just found out this morning that the local lab I use for prints has closed its doors after 32 years. It really is a shame, but I guess it is due to people wanting all their images on disc.

I honestly believe that most times those disc just end up filed away in a drawer somewhere and forgotten. I’m sure a few images make it up on facebook or some other social networking site. Perhaps a few people have prints made at the local walmart (the quality of those prints is a whole other issue). But these portraits that we photographers create for your are works of art that are meant to be proudly displayed on your walls. When you walk by the picture years from now and it still stops you and brings out an emotional response as you see your family’s faces….. When’s the last time a CD in a drawer did that?


I still have another local lab that I like to use for prints, so no worries, I will still be offering prints as part of my packages.


To help get the idea of wall portraits out there, we are going to be running a special sale on family portrait sessions and I am working out the details but Iam hoping to offer 1/2 price canvas wall portraits! Watch the blog and facebook page for the announcement – should be tomorrow….


And to Ron and his crew – thanks for all your hard work, hopefully we’ll be able to do business in the future again.