…..Install my OS and software that is.  My “C:” drive decided it was going on strike – actually it was more of a retirement thing, since it’s permanently gone Surprised smile!

Of course, all my pictures are stored on a separate drive, then backed up on a 3rd drive, but that doesn’t make it any more fun to re-install. I did lose a bunch of email addresses – so if for some reason you haven’t heard from me – send me a quick note so I can add you again. I have now implemented a daily off-site backup of all my contacts, emails etc so I don’t stress over stuff like this again.

I also wanted to share a few shots from some recent family sessions.




We still have a few openings for the Christmas mini sessions. There does seem to be some interest in outdoor location sessions. If you are interested in this please feel free to contact us. The actual special is for a studio session, so I do need to charge a bit more but  we can work out an awesome price for you too!!

Hopefully there will be no more computer issues, and I can post regularly….

Talk to you!